Our agents are controlled from a single spreadsheet using Google sheets. If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you know how to make a Runday agent. To learn more about configuring your spreadsheet please refer to the following link:


Runday agents allow users the ability to book appointments with you and your team. If you wish to use the build in scheduling solution the first step is to Identify who will be part of your team and who will be getting appointments. Each person who will get appointments on Runday needs to sign up and connect calendars, conferencing call locations, and set up their availability.

More information can be found on the following pages:

  1. Calendar (used to check your availability, and store your appointments)
  2. Availability (when can users schedule meetings with you)
  3. Conferencing (where the meetings will take place, e.g. Zoom)

Once your team is set up and ready to go they can be added to the team tab of your spreadsheet. More information on the teams tab and how to configure the agent to receive appointments can be found on our agent appointments and teams pages.

Collecting payments (Stripe)

Runday partners with Stripe to collect payments from your agent. In order to set up stripe you will receive a unique onboarding link which will activate a new Stripe workspace. 

⚠️To request your stripe link contact our support team or use the agent on the page to request one. 

  1. Stripe onboarding link (Connect your business to allow Runday to accept payments on your behalf)
  2. Identify product options & prices you wish to sell.

Runday may collect a commission based on your package. Contact for more information.

Setting messaging platforms (WhatsApp / SMS / Messenger)

Runday allows you to initiate conversations with potential customers by sending outbound messages. This will send the first message of your spreadsheet script to potential customers.

We currently offer two options for outbound traffic.

  1. SMS
  2. WhatsApp

Setting up SMS

Runday partners with Twilio to provide SMS capabilities to our AI Agents. 

⚠️In order to be allowed to handle inbound and outbound SMS campaigns in the U.S. we require some information about you and your business.

Please provide us with the following:

• Area code you wish the agent phone number to have

• Legal Business Name & Type (e.g. partnership, corporation, LLC.. etc)

• EIN (Tax ID)

• Business Industry

• Business Address

• Contact Information for SMS Campaigns (Point of contact: Name, Email, Phone, Role at the Company)

You can tell the AI agent on the page that you wish to set up a SMS campaign for your agent or send an email to

It typically takes 7-10 business days for your SMS campaign to be approved.

Setting up WhatsApp

Runday partners with Meta to provide WhatsApp capabilities to our AI Agents. 

If you only wish your agent to receive inbound traffic from your whatsapp phone number, nothing more is required.

⚠️In order to be allowed to handle outbound WhatsApp campaigns the first message of your AI Agent needs to be an approved template message by Meta.

You can read more about message templates here:

In order to configure a template, someone from our support team will help you out. Feel free to contact us at any time or send a message to the live agent on the page.

⚠️Changing the first message of an already approved message template will cause your outbound campaigns to stop working.