Femmar launches Innovative Menopause Treatment with Runday.ai's Expert AI Agent.

About the Client:

Femmar is a company in the healthcare industry that empowers women with knowledge and solutions about menopause to provide optimum well-being in their second half of life.

Problems that Femmar Faced:

Femmar desired to reach more women in a cost-effective manner rather than the more expensive one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist.

What we were able to do for them to help:

By providing them with an AI Agent, we were able to provide several benefits in the following ways:

- Improve the Medical Professional-Patient relationship.

- Personal questions of the patient can be answered privately.

- The information the patient provides can be stored in a secure and private manner.

- Patients can be onboarded to the program easily and sign up for the newsletter.

- All the operations of the practice can be streamlined.

- The medical team can be allowed to focus on patient care.

- Consultations and appointments with the provider can be scheduled easily, improving customer service.

- Billing and collecting payments can be done in the same conversation through a secure program also improving customer service.

- The AI service is HIPAA-compliant and completely secure for patients.

- It eliminates error-prone manual tasks performed by staff.

- It is a forward-thinking option for all medical professionals.

- It allows medical professionals to manage a large number of patients and still provide excellent service.

- Patients can feel they are receiving excellent care and never just a number.


It helped a smaller healthcare practice like Femmar to have cost savings on staffing and benefits and also allowed them to be productive and build their business to help more women around the world.

Key Takeaways:

AI Agents can help all medical practices from startups and new practices to larger existing practices that now through AI technology can help more people, provide better customer service, scale their business, and free up resources ultimately allowing them to be more productive and help more people than they would have been able to reach previously!